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The Cost Effectiveness Of Mobile Urgent Care Medical Services

20 Jan

Americans may enjoy the envy of the rest of the world because of their quality healthcare system, but the cost of the healthcare is still a major cause of concern for families, business, and the nation. There is no denying the fact that health care costs have been rising for several years and in fact, health spending is the biggest financial issue facing not only the general public but also the nation.  In so far as determining the price or cost of health care is concerned, there are several factors which play a major role.  Insurance companies, physicians, drug companies, and other healthcare vendors determine the cost to deliver products and services according to the demand for those services and the cost to deliver them to the patient.  However, it is the individual who needs to make a choice between the various healthcare facilities available, considering carefully both price and convenience.  In addition to the condition of the patient, a few other important factors like cost, time and convenience should also be considered from an economic point of view.  When these are taken into account, the cost of healthcare can be reduced significantly if a proper choice is made.

For example; if we carefully take into account the services offered by the mobile urgent care practitioners, we can see how these services could offer significant savings to patients, insurance providers and other corporate entities. Since these mobile urgent care services are generally well equipped and staffed by board certified physicians and their assistants, they are well prepared to attend to patients efficiently, whether they are at home, in a hotel room, at work or any other place convenient to the patient.  Patients do not need to worry about things like the discomfort of traveling to a hospital, sitting in crowded public waiting rooms; further return travel and stopping to wait for pharmacy prescriptions to be filled and many other concerns typically associated with seeking care.  Thanks to mobile urgent care services, patients can be treated in the comfort of their familiar surroundings, thereby helping to lower stress and greatly aiding the recovery process.  Furthermore, the cost of these house call urgent care practitioners is usually much lower than emergency rooms or family physicians.

When taking advantage of a mobile urgent care service, the patient is able to receive due care and attention from their physician.  In the absence of long patient waiting lists, the mobile practitioners tend to be less hurried and  as a result there can be a better exchange of information between the patient and the physician; many questions are answered which in turn help the physician to evaluate each case more thoroughly.  Moreover, unlike emergency rooms and some stand-alone clinics, there are no procedural costs involved in mobile urgent care services.  Once all these benefits are taken into consideration, house call service fees can be very reasonable and affordable.

Most urgent care practitioners provide easy and fast telephone access and provide post treatment services in case any further problem arises, significantly enhancing the overall convenience and cost savings.  If we compare the cost of medications dispensed by urgent care providers with those filled at a pharmacy, we can generally find the former to be much lower.  For domestic travelers with preferred provider organization insurance policies, reimbursement may be up to 80%, but may be considered out of network based on the unmet annual deductible. However, health maintenance organization plans can provide up to 100% reimbursement for house call services when locally contracted medical services and facilities are not available.  What is even more interesting is that in case of foreign travels with travel insurance, reimbursement for services can be 100%.   Above all, mobile urgent care medical services are considered highly cost effective in comparison to all other options when the mobility of a patient is in question.  It seems that mobile urgent care services with a human touch are bringing medical care to patients who need it most.