Uninsured? Never Be Slow To Act On Your Minor Injury Or Illness. Instead, Utilize The Exciting Features Of An Urgent Care Center In Your City

25 Jan

Why do people prefer urgent care centers?

 It is mainly because urgent care centers provide a convenient, dependable alternative for treating minor illnesses and injuries close to home.  They generally allow walk-in appointments and operate for extended hours while being conveniently located throughout many different cities.  You can get prompt and courteous treatment for your minor illnesses and injuries.  You might have noticed that they serve patients in a warm, comforting environment.  On the other hand, you can also receive the specialized care you need for minor physical and mental disorders, and injuries.  The urgent care model is a patient-centered health and wellness service; patient satisfaction is their motto.  No appointments are necessary and patients won’t have to wait long for treatment.  Their very existence is intended to provide a patient with a convenient means to receive medical care.

With the latest lab and diagnostic test facilities, x-rays, reagents etc., urgent care centers should be the first choice for all slips and falls that do not involve head injuries.  They will be easily able to rule out fractures or breaks in most cases and prescribe the best medication for a quick recovery.  For minor injuries like sprains, strains, bruises; it is not always wise to visit an emergency room and undergo an extended ordeal to receive treatment due to long waiting times.

In such instances, your primary care physician is also not an ideal source of treatment as they are often not available immediately for an appointment.  Urgent care centers that are open for extended hours and that are suitably located in your neighborhood will be the right facility for this sort of occasion.  Urgent care centers are by definition a walk in clinic and don’t require any prior appointment.  Therefore, a patient can be attended to without delay and without having to wait amongst the crowds found in an ER. In light of their prompt service, urgent care centers should be considered the best option for some common ailments like cold, flu, fever etc.

Urgent Care Centers: The Best Option For Uninsured

urgent care 8Despite these facts, many people in the United States go without medical care, even when it is critical, simply because they are uninsured due to high & rising cost of health insurance. However, certain injuries due to accidents may force you to seek medical care.  God forbid, you cannot rule out the possibility of serious complications.  For a busy person like you, the emergency room in a hospital will not be the right place to seek care as these can be very crowded, the wait times can seem endless and most of all, the cost of an emergency room treatment will not be cheap.  In case of primary care doctors, it is not easy to schedule an appointment and the price will likely not be significantly less either.

For minor injuries that are causing pain and discomfort, an urgent care facility can be a great option for those people who put off visiting physicians due to various reasons.  Urgent care centers ensure less time waiting and the price of a visit is very reasonable and often can be affordable even for patients without health insurance.  Unless it is a larger problem or life threatening issue, an urgent care center can meet your medical needs at a sensible cost.urgent care 7

As for fees and charges, you need not worry about surprise bills as urgent care centers commonly have flat rate plans which you select before continuing with treatment.  It will help you immensely if you happen to have budgetary constraints due to a lack of health insurance.  Urgent care prices will be much cheaper than both the emergency room fees and a primary care doctor for the same services.  If you are uninsured, never be slow to act on your injury or illness. Instead, be sure to use all the features of an urgent care center in your city.  Your health is a precious gift to be preserved at any cost.  Urgent care centers are there to ease your burden with their knowledge and vast experience.


2 Responses to “Uninsured? Never Be Slow To Act On Your Minor Injury Or Illness. Instead, Utilize The Exciting Features Of An Urgent Care Center In Your City”

  1. Susan June 29, 2013 at 12:19 pm #

    Thank you for your very informative post on urgent care centers. I am one of those who cannot afford medical insurance. Luckily I have not needed to go to a hospital for any emergency yet but I am constantly worried about what I would do when I did need urgent medical care. Although I knew about urgent care centers, it was only some vague knowledge. I did not know how they functioned and I presumed they would be just as expensive. Your article was a real eye opener. I feel really relieved after reading it and am going to make a concerted effort to find out more about the urgent care center that is nearest for me. Minor Injuries.


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    […] sort of bodily discomfort or uneasiness. When this happens, we should not ignore our symptoms or avoid receiving urgent care. We only have a single life to live and neglecting our health puts our lives unnecessarily at risk. […]

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